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If you're reading this, you're likely on the verge of purchasing your first Super 8 Camera from us

For your peace of mind and ours, we always— and we mean always!— re-test all camera functions right before preparing them for shipping.  This ensures that the camera meets your expectations based on the listing's description.

We understand that 99% of our clients are new to the world of Super 8. Most emails we receive requesting help read: "How do I focus?", "What batteries should I use?", "I just inserted my TV remote's batteries into the camera, but the camera doesn't turn on," "What is this red tape I see through the viewfinder?", "What film should I buy?" etc. All these questions are promptly and satisfactorily resolved by providing additional information about their particular camera's usage. Then, we are all happy—no need for returns, refunds, and none of that hassle.

Having said that, if the camera, for some unknown, rare, incomprehensible reason, gets to you and doesn't work, then and only then, returns are simple: if the camera does not work as described, we will accept your return, and a refund will be granted. But not before making efforts to help you figure out what's wrong with the camera. (We usually jump on a phone call or video call and provide you with one-on-one assistance). Yes, we do that... for you. Why? Because 99% of the time, issues are due to USER ERROR.


Conditions of return

Accept Returns? Yes
Return Window: 3 days from delivery date
Return Method: By Mail
Re-stocking Fee: 20% of product price (only applicable if return reason is customer responsibility, remorse, user error, lack of knowledge etc.)

Buyers are responsible for return shipping costs. If the item is not returned in its original condition and packaging (with good padding and double box), the buyer is then responsible for any loss in value due to damage during transit.

No returns are accepted for the user's lack of knowledge in using the camera. We SELL cameras, we don't run a film school.

No returns are accepted due to BODY scratches or wear and tear due to normal usage or storage. With your purchase, you acknowledge that these are 50-year-old cameras, and it is NORMAL to see some scratches/imperfections in the body, logos, and other printed/painted parts of the camera body, bags, cases, cross-body straps, and other accessories.

If any camera is returned due to a functionality claim, and after inspection, it is determined that the camera was in fully working condition, then the issue is considered user error. At this point, the client may be given the option to get their camera back (with additional shipping and diagnostic charges), or a return may be accepted, and a refund will be granted with a 20% re-stocking fee, all shipping charges to be paid by the customer. The re-stocking fee covers our time and effort to fully diagnose, re-open the camera, check for our hidden identification marks to ensure the camera you are returning is the same one we shipped out to you, fully re-test, and prepare for future shipment.

Due to some clients taking advantage of our return policy, we now have hidden identification marks in every camera).

In short: We gladly accept returns if there is a MECHANICAL MALFUNCTION with the camera we sent you. No refunds are accepted due to wear or usage signs on the camera's BODY or any accessories; these are normal on 50-year-old cameras.

- Ship items back within: 3 days of delivery

We hope this covers it, if you have any pre-purchase questions feel free to reach out at:

or simply use our chat in our main page at